Ladies and Gentelmen, please welcome the Hideez Key 2
Thinner, faster, water resistant, wearable in 4 form-factors: a keychain fob, a wristband, a pendant and a clip. This beautiful miniature device has a rechargeable battery. It features dynamic RFID, allowing users to open up to 1000 doors with one key.
What's new?

This is the best key we made so far. Among other great things Hideez Key 2 features:

Multiple RFID Vault
Imagine you have one RFID-key that lets you carry all your RFIDs credentails around! That is exactly what dynamic RFID modle of Hideez Key enables you to do. Each time the memory of the device can be 'zeroed' to protect it from being read by a hacker. To enable screen reader support, press shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Z. To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press shortcut Ctrl+slash.
Use near field communication channel to enable payments on the go, improve the security of the initial Bluetooth pairing and use Hideez Key 2 as a second factor device for your mobile phone or tablet.
Wrist Detection
If you decide to wear your Hideez Key as an armband, capacitive touch sensor will make sure your Hideez Key is working only when it is on your wrist, thus saving you from the hassle of resetting all your passwords should your Hideez Key be stolen.
Recheargeable battery
Rechargeable 90 mAh battery will provide enough energy for intensive usage, enabling new use cases and features and providing up to 30 days of continuous operation.
Water and dust resistant case
IP67 water and dust resisant case will ensure your Hideez Key 2 survives rough weather and your active life style. Water-resisant mirco-USB port will make sure your Hideez Key is charged even outdoors during the rain.
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