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Hideez Lock Software Token

Biometric authentication can replace all your passwords

Hideez Finger Lock is a software token that secures your PC and Mac through smartphone biometric sensors.
It remembers and enters passwords instead of you using Bluetooth and Internet

Hideez Lock Software Token

Lock and unlock your computer with just your phone

Your online privacy has never been this safe and convenient

Hideez Lock Software Token

Your phone is a single key to your digital and physical worlds

More identity features for your phone are coming soon

Product Features

Biometric Security

Lock and unlock your computer with your fingerprint on your smartphone

Remote Control

You can lock and unlock your computer at a range convenient to you


No matter which operating system you have, the software works with both iOS and Android. Your phone is your key for any PC

Safe Connection

Connection with a smartphone is done simultaneously over Bluetooth and the Internet

Access Worldwide

Control your PC or Mac access remotely from any place of the world

Log in at a distance

You can log in and check a current status of your remote computer anywhere in the world

Safety First

We never store customer passwords or other credentials on the server. It is difficult to create a service architecture that does not require storing customer passwords, but we did it!

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How it works

The password for accessing the computer is stored on the computer itself in an encrypted form. The encryption key is stored on the phone. This means that even if either device is compromised, your passwords are still safe.

When you need to access the computer (unlock it), the phone sends the encryption key to the computer. Hideez Lock uses the key on the computer to decrypt the password and unlock the computer. After this, the key is removed from memory.

This is safer than simply typing a password because the password from Hideez Lock cannot be captured by a keylogger. In addition, with Hideez Safe you can provide access to your computer to anyone and that person will not know the real password. This can be used to give temporary access to your computer for personal or businesses reasons.

A new encryption key is generated every time the phone is linked to the computer.

The data, transmitted between the Hideez Lock application on the phone and the computer, is also encrypted with a separate channel key. This key is transmitted via QR code during device pairing. Thus, the encryption key of the channel does not go out on the Internet in plain text form.

You Need

Download Hideez Lock software both for your smartphone and computer. It will take you 10 seconds to pair your devices. Voila! Your smartphone is ready to unlock all your devices from a distance you choose on your Bluetooth signal.

Bluetooth 4.0

Windows 8.1+

Android 5.0+

iOS 10.3+

MacOS 10.11+

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