Why MFA is Vital to Your CyberSecurity

Strong passwords and unique secret codes for each of your account are very useful for your internet security, it is an undeniable truth.  But if you really care about cybersecurity, it is not enough. Two-step verification will make the mission of breaching your accounts by a malicious person almost impossible.


Let’s see what MFA is and how it works in simple words.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a combination of authentication factors to provide additional successful protection to your accounts. If for example your password is uncovered, the second factor of protection will not allow malicious person use your private information. If someone finds out your Facebook password, and you have 2-factor protection, there is nothing to worry about. Usually, it needs an additional code received via SMS or additional service to get your personal information.


Different services may use different names of MFA but the principle remains the same: your accounts get extra protection. Let’s mention some of the well-known services and names their additional protections have:

2-Step Verification meets LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon

Login Verification meets Twitter

Multi-factor Authentication meets Amazon AWS, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, NC DIT.


A quick guide to enable MFA for the most popular services.

Gmail has got its 2-step authentication landing page. All you need is to click “Get started” button, login with your password and use a cell phone as your second factor.


Use Settings menu for Facebook. Go to “Security and Login” page, scroll and choose “Extra Security” point, and then you will choose “Use extra two-factor authentication” button. Choose the mean of additional protection you like. It can be either SMS or Recovery Key and code generation. Even 2 additional methods are available at the same time.


To set 2-factor authentication in your PayPal, use “My account page” and gear icon that is placed in the right upper corner of the screen. Then follow   “Security tab”- “Security Key”- “Update” route. While “Security Key Setup” accepts your phone number, you will get security key via SMS.


Of course, Amazon also offers MFA protection. You need to follow  “Accounts & lists” “Your Account” “Login and security” route first. Scroll down to “Advanced Security Settings” and click “Edit”. After getting started, you will have to use your phone number.


There is large enough variety of 2nd factors you can choose:

It can be something that you can remember or know (password, pictograph, PIN, security/challenge questions, pattern draw)


It can be something that you possess since birth based on your biometrics. In turn, this group is divided into 2 parts:

a) static biometrics – iris scan, fingerprint, hand geometry, facial recognition;

b) and dynamic biometrics that can change throughout your life – voice pattern, typing rhythm, signature


It can be something you have, so-called token-based authentication, which is divided into hard and soft tokens.

a) hard tokens could be represented by multi-factor OTP, single-factor cryptographic devices, smart cards, and memory cards.

b) soft tokens can be represented by PUSH, SME, QR code, etc.


Hardware MFA and Hideez Key

Among all the means of multi-factor solutions, hardware tokens hold a specific place. Let’s take Hideez Key as an example. The device can act as your 2nd-factor authentication and keep about 1000 accounts correspondingly. By the press of one button, you can input OTP automatically without a need to take your phone, run an application, find your account and input your password.

Moreover, Hideez Key updates the time zone information while connecting to the computer. Note that software services usually can’t integrate time belts which causes inconveniences during international flights.

Hideez Key uses Bluetooth connection while synchronizing with customer devices, thus minimizing the risk of security breaches.  The devices that use the Internet to exchange data are considered the safest ones. But still, Internet connection has a potential vulnerability. So Hideez Key offers advanced security without risks the Internet can face. Each customer can choose a variety of scenarios while using the device. For example, the laptop can be unlocked only if Hideez Key is at the near distance and connected to a smartphone.

Hideez Key is also the most convenient storage for OTP passwords. It can keep a thousand accounts. Let’s see how to set up 2FA authentication for one of the most known cryptocurrency exchange KUNA.IO. Watch the video.

Choose your MFA and stay safe. Hideez Group inc always ready to be at the forefront of latest safety trends. Always be choosy while finding solutions for you and never ignore MFA. Your right decisions could save your money and privacy.

3 responses to “Why MFA is Vital to Your CyberSecurity”

  1. NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology issued guidance that found SMS insecure and no longer suitable as a strong authentication mechanism…

    I am using WebADM Multi-Factor Authentication with Hardware Token and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) in order to comply with the highest security requirements…

    This Security Solution is like a Swiss Army Knife. So many features, just have a look at https://www.rcdevs.com

    It is even free up to 40 users.

    • Dear William, I can see that you are selling our direct competitor for hardware token, thank you for your feedback.
      HOWEVER the Hideez Key is compatible and pairable with iOS without extra adopters and is equally reliable and even more convenient than others on the the market. Besides, we believe in Individual Protection rather than putting people and their personal details in bundles.

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