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Product Features
Password Vault
Store your credentials securely and keep them physically separated from your main device. Hideez Safe also provides automated password input scripts for most major sites and mobile applications. No additional plug-ins or setup are required.
Smart Lock
Lock and unlock your devices based on your proximity measured by the strength of Bluetooth signal from your Hideez device. The simplest and most effective way to protect the sensitive information on your device is to lock its screen just by walking away (Only for Windows, Mac).
OTP Generator
Generate one-time passwords for two-factor authentification and online banking. We created a reliable and tamper-resistant way to do this.
Theft Alarm
Know when you are about to lose your valuables. Get a notification when the Bluetooth signal strength between your Hideez device and your mobile device or computer falls below the level you indicated (Only for Android, iOS).
Multi-functional Button
Multi-functional button allows using features like distant activation of a digital video or voice recorder on your device or sending GPS coordinates of your current location. The button can be also used to confirm any instance of authentication, thus preventing undesired authentications (Only for Android, Windows, Mac).
RFID Keychain
Hideez Key can serve as an electronic key for home, office or gym. The RFID sensor inside has a unique code to your RFID-enabled door system. You can also copy your existing electronic key to the Hideez Key (requires an additional RFID programming device) to free up space in your pocket. Note: Hideez Key can store only one RFID at a time (Standard 125 kHz (Em-Marine, HID)).
Touch Guard
Ever wanted to know who is rummaging your devices while you are away? Install Hideez Safe app and it will start taking snapshots of the intruder, if the position of your device changes while it is locked (Only for Android).
Media Vault
Protect your most precious moments from prying eyes with industry level security. Currently Hideez enables customers to create encrypted photo galleries. An encrypted video galleries feature is also under development (Only for Android).
My Places
Customize the way Hideez Safe determines your presence within the pre-arranged security zones to benefit from increased security when you are walking on the street and the environment is not so secure or to have security procedures simplified within the privacy of your home (Only for Android, iOS).
Hideez Enterprise Server
Use the enterprise version of My Hideez to manage a vast array of Hideez devices within your corporation and enable features like distant wipe or access levels infrastructure. Hideez Server also allows to make backups of Hideez devices belonging to your employees with no third party (even Hideez itself) having any access to these backups.
My Hideez
Block your Hideez Key remotely, if you ever lose it. You can also use another Hideez device to backup your Hideez Key or create a backup copy in an encrypted file and keep it in a secure place. For security reasons we do not provide cloud backups in the mass market version of Hideez Key, but corporate backups using Hideez Server can be discussed.
Digital Signature
Use your Hideez device to e-sign your documents and transactions. Your Hideez Key can generate a secure private key using its factory programmable key area or you can copy any externally created digital signature to your Hideez device (Under development).
Features\OS Windows Android MacOS IOS
Password Vault and Manager for web services and applications * * * *
Smart proximity lock * *
Strong Password Generator * * *
Password Import (CSV file) * *
Password Export (CSV file) * *
Encrypted Back-up * * * *
OTP Generator * * * *
Hideez Key Button presets * * * *
Preprogrammed unique RFID Code * * * *
Theft Alarm * *
Touch Guard *
Trusted Places * *
Media Vault for Photos *
Browser Support Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera Chrome, Firefox, Opera Safari, Chrome Safari
Native Apps * * * Limited support
Operating System 8.1 + 4.4 + OS X El Capitan (version 10.11) + 9.3 +
Bluetooth 4.0 support * * * *
Hideez Safe App * * * *
How It Works
Open the Box and Turn on your Hideez Key
Your Hideez Key comes ready to use, with the CR2032 battery installed inside. Hideez Key uses RXP proximity profile of Bluetooth™ 4.0 Low Energy communication protocol to determine when you are near your personal electronics device, secure it when you are out of the range and offer you a ton of other useful features that make your digital security convenient and joyful.
Download Hideez Safe to your device
Windows 8.1 +
MacOS 10.11 El Capitan +
Android 4.4 +
iOS 9.3 +
Set up My Hideez Account and pair Hideez Key to your device
Please watch our video tutorials below for quick visual guide on how to set everything up properly and promptly.
A combination of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy with custom-built proximity profile and 72 kb of internal protected memory built into Nordic system-on-chip with automated password input makes your presence nearby the only authentication required
Encrypted Bluetooth connection and custom-built full stack authentication protects the data traffic between Hideez Key and your device without any cables
RFID Ready
Hideez Key comes equipped with RFID module. By default it is ATMEL T5577, that is compatible with EM Microelectronic-Marin standard and HID (125 kHz). Please contact us to request modules supporting other standards, like MIFARE NFC (13.56 MHz)
8-bit 90 dB built-in miniature speaker with 10 melodies and 2 color (red and green) LED indicators make your Hideez Key loud and visible when it is needed
CR2032 battery provides up to 6 months of battery life without any charging
No plug-ins
Automated password input of Hideez Safe app uses low level functions of your OS and does not require installing any plugins to your existing software
Multi-functional button recognizes double press, triple press, up to 8x consecutive short presses and a long press and can be programmed by a customer to trigger various actions on the customer's device
For large orders we can manufacture Hideez Key using any Pantone™ color and imprint your corporate logo or text on the case
With dimensions of 32.5 х 32.5 х 9.5 mm and a weight of 9 grams Hideez Key can fit in any pocket
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